Aspiring to a more sustainable world has become a key purpose for millions of citizens, business and political leaders today. How companies behave socially and ethically is in the crosshairs of customers and partners. It is essential for their own sustainability to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and build an organizational strategy based on values. Now, when referring to Sustainable Development, it is essential to talk about the three pillars that support this idea: Environment, Economy and Society. Energy is  a high impact agentThe production and use of energy represents two thirds (66%) of the global emissions of greenhouse gases according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). In addition, there are important social impacts related to energy supply, such as armed conflicts, migration crises, illnesses and premature deaths. An efficient management of energy consumption is a prerequisite for the economic sustainability of organizations. ISENER’s FORESIGHT is becoming a benchmark of good practice as a facilitator for the Sustainable Development Goal #7 of the 2030 Agenda. In its geographic location of Galicia (Spain), but also in those developing Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Our MISION is to facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy model both at an environmental and a social level, capable of bringing a more empathetic future.  As the Institute for Sustainable Energy, ISENER provides independent, clear and rigorous information which helps the different social agents make decisions focusing on the necessary implication towards the transition to a sustainable energy model. ISENER always considers the impact and benefit to all the groups of interest; the risks and the long-term sustainability. In order to achieve the aforementioned, ISENER develops different tools for impact evaluation and gives advice not only in technical issues but also in management, going hand in hand in the definition of objectives, strategies and indicators. Our customers not only want products and services that contribute to sustainable development, but also a reasonable pricing policy and professional service. Therefore, the organization seeks to provide a set of appropriate services with a holistic approach that contributes to a sustainable energy supply.  The aim is to establish valuable and transparent relationships with their customers that focus on the following four key areas. We are a dynamic and open team of professionals. We have accumulated over 12 years of experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. We have extensive experience in international cooperation, mainly in the African continent and in depth knowledge of the social, economic and political development of developing countries. We know about the business industry, supplies and demands, needs, strengths, limits and challenges. We do networking and have specialists in different countries, so that we have a global vision that gives us capacity to offer adequate solutions to the demands and needs of each organization. We believe in working with strategic partners in order to add value to a company. For this reason, we collaborate with other organizations which agree with our goals both locally and globally.